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July 25 2012


Hot Seattle Clubs

Within this next article inside our popular “Where to get Girls” series, let’s discuss my first ‘Bootcamp Abroad’ using the ABCs that was a last minute flight to Seattle. While, I had sarged for any year and a half in the middle of Hollywood, I needed never visited another state specifically with the intention of meeting women and I was a little nervous.

Pick Up Seattle Girls
Much to my surprise, Seattle was obviously a blast! Whoever said Seattle women were cold, bitchy, and hard to approach is straight tripping! At some point, there have been more women approaching to JT and that i we were approaching, that’s how friendly these folks were!


Pick Up Seattle Girls
Seattle is a BEAUTIFUL coastal city with a few great bars within an area called Bell Town using a reputation for cold and drizzle. This city focuses more on bar-type social circle venues than clubs, but we were able to look for a bit of both each were filled with people just like friendly and easygoing as all others. I lucked out by visiting this type of great city for pickup as Seattle and definately will definitely return asap.

So here’s my guide for Where you should Grab Girls: Seattle!

Friday Night:

Amber (2214 1st Avenue): Big bar/restaurant kind of venue. Gets busy early and sets are easy! Cheap drinks (also, food), a variety of music and couches, tables, rest-stations and bar seats galore. This place is a superb destination to heat up and was filled up with uber-nice girls.

The talent was not nearly as good, but there were a couple of jaw droppers definitely worth the trip. Huge age groups as well as the guys are simply as nice as the girls. Undoubtedly the easiest venue to start in in almost any city I’ve been in the US. Go early to hold by helping cover their some friends. Our students romantically closed a lady out of this club on Night 2!

Saturday Night:

Trinity (111 Yesler Way): This place is big! Three areas: Side Bar area gets busy early with social groups, perfect for opening and kick starting. Cheap drinks and friendly people. Smaller house/electronic Club Room with lounge is usually empty until late, but chock-full (with Asians??) around Midnight-thirty.

It’s upstairs bar focuses on more cocktails and it’s extremely loud. Difficult to access, if the music was quieter, the couches could be perfect for other nights. The primary Club Room was the place to go after 11:30pm and hosted the majority of the dancing. Access to VIP was via a tall, visible stairway with personal security, spectacular and ideal for passive value.

This place can be a MECCA with A lot of isolation zones and exclusive VIP section to take girls to. No cover. Follow through place out!

BOTTLE SERVICE TIP: Seattle has weird liquor license laws. Instead of bottle service (serving your own personal drinks just isn't allowed by Washington State liquor laws), the sale two options. Both options have a table fee ($200ish to get a table by sitting at) PLUS the) your own private cocktail waitress to buy drinks from (that you simply STILL have to purchase) or b) you are able to pay a flat fee to take 5 (I believe) bottles of the favorite liquor and also have your own waitress pour them for you. The whole thing is weird, so my recommendation is to purchase the table fee and drink at your leisure.

Sunday Night:

The Triple Door (216 Union Street): Really cool, lounge-y place. Mid-20’s to late 30’s crowd, $10 cover SALSA DANCING on Sundays. People come to dance, but stay and hang out, which makes approaching Super easy. Ability is all on the place, so try taking some lessons and go to mingle.

Many 5s, 6s, 7s with a few under approached 8s. Serves food, so some will be eating, but it remains populated following your kitchen closes. Big party area using a latin band (loud), so move to the trunk to isolate and run routines. Bar is within the middle and contains tables and booths on both sides. Harmful for Seattle.

Be warned, Salsa clubs are just about the only thing to accomplish on Sunday in Seattle and all use a cover.

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